FREE Green Giant Veggies at Jewel

I went to Jewel this morning to take advantage of the GM $20/$5 deal and get some veggies and Grands buscuits and made a wonderful discovery. Not only did I get back my $5 coupon, the lovely catalina machine spit out 3 $1 coupons as well. There is an overlapping Catalina deal, or what couponers like to refer to as a double dip. There's the $20/$5 GM plus there's a Green Giant catalina for $1 coupon for every 3 boxes you purchase. So I bought 10 of the Green Giant frozen boxed vegetables, had $2.50 in coupons and got back $8. This is a HOT deal with Wednesday 9/9 (tomorrow) being the last day. You can get coupons for the Green Giant boxed vegetables at the following location.

I so excited to get all these free veggies. My freezer was low and I'd been looking for a good deal. Now, after doing this deal 4 times, I'm all stocked up again. Hope many of you will be able to take advantage also.

Happy Savings!


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