Where are the Coupons

Everyone’s first question when they start couponing is where to get the coupons besides the newspaper. I primarily get mine in the newspaper and online. There are a few other avenues. But let’s start with the newspaper.

There are 3 types of coupon inserts, Red Plum, Smart Source and P&G. Red Plum usually comes every week, Smart Source most weeks and P&G occasionally. It’s cheaper to get a subscription that it is to buy the Sunday Paper from the news stand. You can sometimes Google for a code for the paper. I did this and got the Sunday Chicago Tribune for $1/week. Coupons can vary by region, and I’ve also found they can vary by paper. Most are the same, but sometimes there are some really good coupons that are in the Tribune that aren’t in the smaller local papers. The paper is a worthwhile investment. I save much more with the coupons that I spend on the paper.

Internet Printables
There are many places online that you can print coupons. Some are on the manufacturer’s web site. A list of other sites can be found on the bar on the bottom of my blog. For the most part, you are able to print 2 of a coupon. After that, the printing program will tell you you’ve reached your limit. If you have access to multiple computers, then you can print multiple sets of 2.

The little machines in the store that spit out coupons, sometimes they have a little red light, are commonly referred as blinkies. Be on the lookout for these in your store and grab a couple when you see them. You may not want the product that day, but there might be a good sale on it where you can use the coupon later.

Sometimes coupons will come in the mail. Occasionally there are sites online where you can sign up for a coupon booklet. Signing up for samples is another good way to get coupons. Many times the sample will come with a high value coupon inside.

Finding Specific Coupons
I like to use the database on Hotcouponworld.com to look for a coupon for a specific item. Or you can try Google item + printable coupon.


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