How I got $177 worth of groceries for -$2

Yes, you read it right? $177 worth of grocerys for negative $2. Acutally if I'd done my transactions differently, I probably could have gotten it for a little less. But I'm still learning to take the fullest advantage of these catalina deals too, and frankly, the deals this week almost made my head hurt thinking them thru. And I still didn't do too shabby, so I'm certainly not going to complain. Why am I bragging? Well, it feels pretty good to have done so well for my family, but also because I want you to see that you can do it too. Jill Cataldo has a great post here that you should check out if you want to try to get a piece of the pie this week at Jewel.

No picture of my bountiful budget blessing as most of it's already put away. But here's what I got using 5 transactions:

14 boxes of cereal (Honeynut Cheerios, Cookie Crisp and Kix)
5 Bryers Ice cream
6 pkg of Klondike Bars
6 6-pk bottls of RC Cola
5 All Small & Mighty
1 gallon of milk
1/2 gallon of chocolate milk (had a FREE coupon for this)
Box of fruit snacks (had a FREE coupon for this too)
about 2# of bananas

Total Value $177.53
Preferred Savings -70.95
Coupons & Catalinas -88.59

Plus I still have $20 of Catalinas to use on my next purchase. So if you add that to the equation, it's like I got it all for -$2.01. I took advantage of the but $30 and get $15 for your next purchase offer at Jewel this week. I started with $15 in catalina's from last week. Each trasaction was $30 before Preferred Savings, then I added in my mfg coupons and catalinas to bring the cost way down. Then used the Catalina's I got back for the next transaction. If anyone wants the individual transaction breakdown, leave a comment and I'll post it. But I won't type it all out unless you think you'd find it helpful. I'm actually planning on going back this week to get more cereal. If you're thinking "I'd never use that much cereal" that particular deal ends up being a Freebie ($20 for the cereal minus $5 mfg = $15 and get $15 back in catalinas) So if it's more than you can use, consider giving it to someone who's having a tough time or your local food pantry. There are so many people in need right now, it should be easy to find a good use for it.


Alice Tegtmeier August 8, 2009 at 11:04 AM  

A question: when you do more than 1 transaction, do you just tell the cashier that you're doing more than one transaction and separate your orders? Are they usually cool with that? (that's 2 questions, isn't it...)

Heather August 8, 2009 at 2:56 PM  

yes, I tell them I have multiple transactions. I keep it to 2-3 transactions. If I have more than that, I'll go back and get in line again...unless there's no one behind me. I've never had anyone give me a hard time about it.

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