Groceries this week

Now that I've been doing well at getting the most out of our grocery budget, I've been working on reducing the grocery spending, while still maximizing my savings. After looking at what I've bought the last few weeks, I've seen that, though I got good deals on everything, there were stuff that we really didn't need. It's amazing how much junk food you can get cheap. And just because it's cheap isn't a good reason to buy it. So I've concentrated on buying more fresh fruits/veggies, meat and other healthier foods while REDUCING my spending and I'm happy to say I've done pretty well. My goal has been to reduce my grocery budget by $20. Last week I did VERY well...$63. This week was $76, so just a hair over my goal of $75, but still under budget.

I know seeing what someone else is able to get is sometimes inspiring to other to do the work to get the most for their money so here's what I did. Sorry no pictures. I just didn't have the time today to arrange it on the counter, take a picture and then put it all away. But here's my grocery haul for this week. I went to 3 stores... Dominick's, Jewel and Strack's...to get all the best deals. But total spent was $76.22 for $167.30. That's a savings (sale price and coupons) of $91.08. And here's what I bought:

2 pkg Strawberries
2 pkg Blackberries
5 boxes Bagelfuls
8# bag of Navel Oranges
3# bananas
1pkg tortillas

3 boxes Rice a Roni
4 12-pk Coke
1 case Dasani bottled water
2 gallons milk
4 large Mangos
2 # red grapes
3 heads garlic

I did 2 separate transactions in order to take advantage of some coupons that were limit 1 with $10 purchase.
2 39 oz Pace Salsa (had to use my $4 coupons before they expired)
10 Yoplait yogurt
1 dz eggs
2 3# bags frozen chicken breast
3# Vadalia onions
1/2# cooked frozen shrimp
2# ground beef
Hamburger buns
French rolls
Fresh Pineapple
2 liter Pepsi
Hefty (30 ct) tall kitchen bags
3 pkg tortillas
2 McCormick Grill Mates


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