Walgreens and CVS deals week of 4/19

I probably won’t be making a stop at Walgreens this week though there are some good deals available. I just happen to be stocked up on the items that interest me. You might want to check out the deal on Pledge Products, Dawn, and Edge and Skintimate Shaving Cream.

I will be making a run to CVS. There is a $4 off $20 purchase coupon that is available to the general public. Usually coupons like this are sent via email to specific card holders. So take advantage of this and be sure to go tomorrow as that’s when it expires. I’ll be using it and other coupons to get Crest Rinse, Aveeno Sunscreen and Moisturizing lotion and TRESemme products. (If you print out the TRESemme coupon, do so on landscape setting so that it doesn’t cut off the right side of the coupon.)

So here’s my shopping list.

1 Crest Rinse
2 Aveeno Sunscreen
1 Aveeno Moisturizing Lotion
2 TRESemme Shampoo
1 TRESemme Conditioner
1 Edge Shaving Cream

This comes to $40.77. I have $18 in coupons, bringing my total to $22.77 which I’ll pay almost entirely with ECB I’ve earned in the past couple weeks. AND I’ll be getting back $19.89 in ECB to use in the future. That’s what’s called “rolling” your ECB….using ECB to pay for items that earn you more ECB. And this is a GREAT week for doing that.

Check out DealSeakingMom for specifics on this week’s Walgreens and CVS deals. You can also check here for a preview of tomorrow’s CVS ad.


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