A Lesson in Accronyms

If you start following any other blog sites, you'll see a lot of notations. So I thought I'd do a quick lesson to decifer the code.

ECB (sometimes also EB) - Extra Care Bucks. These are given by CVS and appear on your receipt for certain items and are tied to your Extra Care Card. They can be used at CVS for future purchases.

Register Rewards - These are received at Walgreens and are much like the Extra Care Bucks at CVS. They are a catalina coupon which is printed by the little machine hooked up to the register. I have found that they also are accepted at some grocery stores that print catalina's. For this area, Jewel accepts them. So sometimes I will buy several of an item at Walgreens if it is a "freebie" (prints as much in RR as what the item costs) because I know it'll just reduce my grocery bill later that week.

Coupon notations

$X/Y - used when describing a coupon's worth. The first being the amount of the coupon the second number for how many. So $1/1 would be $1 off one item. A coupon, for example that is worth $.60 off 2 bags of green giant vegetables would say $.60/2.

BOGO or B1G1 - Buy one get one

SS - used to denote the coupon was in a Smart Source coupon insert in the newspaper

RP - used to denote the coupon was in a Red Plum coupon insert in the newspaper

PG - used to denote the coupon was in the P&G Brandsaver coupon insert in the newspaper.

Occasionally, more than one of the same type of insert appears in the newspaper. So it will appear with a number. For example, SS1 and SS2, would be the first Smart Source insert and the second Smart Source insert.

Printable coupons are printed from an internet link. Most people will provide a link directly to that coupon if they post there is one available for a certain deal.

So, lets put it all together. This week Walgreens has Lysol Disinfecting wipes buy one get one free. And there was a coupon in the paper for this 3/15 Smart Source insert that expires 5/11. So the deal would read something like this:

Lysol Disinfecting Wipes, reg. 3.99.
B1G1 + 2 $1/1 in 3/15 SS exp 5/11
Net cost: $1.99 for 2.

This deal describes using 2 coupons. Even though it is buy one get one, you are technically purchasing 2 (even though the purchase price of 1 is $0) and can use a coupon for each item. If you only had one coupon, then obviously your net cost would be more.

Hope that helps. Please feel free to comment with questions and I'll answer the best I can and possibly post another "lesson" if needed.


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